Frequently Asked Questions

We answered the most popular questions
about our nonprofit. If you didn't find the answer here, please contact us and we'll be glad to help you.
Why should you become an official partner?
Many experts agree on the fact that in today’s world, consumers find it increasingly important that companies take their social responsibility seriously.

Over 66% of consumers admit being susceptible to switch from a product that they usually buy brands to more responsible consumption. Consumers are ready to pay on average 50% more for products coming from a company with more sustainable business practices.

In other words, CSR influences where people spend their money. It is therefore important to inform the outside world about your CSR initiatives.

We can help you with that. We put our partners in the spotlight by showcasing your logo on our website and mentioning your support on our social media.

Get access to our users: What does it mean?
Are you looking for a diverse international pool of ambitious people? Well, Fe/male Switch helps you with that mission: our gamepreneurs (that's what we call our users) are here and you can verify their experience!

Their completion of quests in the Game and modules in Skill Lab allows gamepreneurs to develop digital skills via learning by doing. All of their achievements are continuously recorded onto a "live certificate", which grows with them throughout the game, and anyone can verify the results.

Where will your logo be seen?
We will make sure to broadcast your contributions on all of our channels: social media (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) but also on both of our websites (the landing page and the foundation page) and on the Fe/male Switch Platform if your company decided to sponsor a specific module or quest.

It is possible for you, as our partner, to create a business account on the platform and establish a virtual presence there. This allows you to promote your company by interacting with gamepreneurs.

How will the donations be spent?
Your donations will go mostly to the development of the platform by our team and content creation for educational material. It will cover the costs of HR and marketing.

A certain percentage of the donations will go back directly to the platform in the form of prizes for the gamepreneurs. Our ambition is to reward the best-performing users with material that will help them in the pursuit of their entrepreneurial journey and tech discovery.

In the future, we would also like to help our top gamepreneurs by microfinancing their projects.

What makes our initiative unique?
We want to bring more women in IT, blockchain, and startups and make tech companies more diverse and we do so by gamifying education about entrepreneurship, creating a live community of engaged peers and experts that prioritizes community-building efforts, and an environment where data generated by users belongs to the users and UGC brings income to creators.

Fe/male Switch places participants in a virtual startup village where they role play starting up a business, in an innovative and proprietary approach that we call ‘gamepreneurship’. It is a role-playing game where participants are assigned the role of startup founders, team members, investors or mentors, based on their experience and preferences. A game master guides the groups through a closed ecosystem mirroring business reality, where players are faced with real-life challenges and have the opportunity of observing the outcomes of their actions. The platform, which is currently in pilot mode, is divided into two sections: Skill Lab (apprentice school), the Game (startup simulator), the Marketplace (the economic center of the platform). In the game, participants are assigned tokens that can be spent / invested in the company (e.g., acquiring a better piece of equipment) or in services (e.g., buying the time of a lawyer to help with contracts). As the startup grows, participants move up in the ‘FMS Tower’ and the final module takes them to the best office on the ‘top floor’. The game is entirely free of charge during the pilot mode with the plan of implementing a fee for future access to the community. Participants receive a certificate detailing their achievements during the program and have a chance to win some prizes if they become the top 5 players of the month.

The main reason why this initiative was established was to enable more women to become entrepreneurs, in order to counteract the low participation of females in entrepreneurship (15% of entrepreneurs in Europe) and in VC funding (7% of total invested in Europe goes to startups with female co-founders). The ‘gamepreneurship’ approach has the following objectives: (1) To help participants develop their entrepreneurial thinking and business mind-set; (2) To improve their IT-knowledge, digital skills, teamwork, soft-skills, and internal capacity; (3) To steer them towards preparing their own startup that fits SDGs and utilizes advanced deep tech; and (4) To help users understand the key stakeholders involved (mentors, investors, government) through role-play.

How can your employees benefit from our platform?
Our platform is the best place for your employees to develop new skills in a fun way. Playing the game together can be a great bonding activity and a good team exercise.

Employees can also volunteer as mentors to inspire other gamepreneurs, which is a great way for them to develop their leadership skills, communication skills and gives them international exposure since our gamepreneurs come from all around the world.

Supporting a nonprofit like ours is also proven to increase employee satisfaction. Studies show that employees who have a social, sustainable employer are more positive, loyal, productive, and with a greater sense of fulfilment.

We believe this factor should not be underestimated. Studies also show that 83% of the millennials would be more loyal to a company that helps them contribute to social and environmental issues.